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California . Since 2000

How We Started

Rajesh Khanna MD, passionate about delivering stellar vision. Author and a columnist. Inventor and consultant. Married with 2 children. Sportsman active in league field hockey.

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Our Story

Dr. Khanna is Board Certified By The American Board Of Ophthalmology. He is also a certified Master of Surgery by University of Bombay. Dr. Rajesh Khanna is an Internationally recognized top Lasik, PIE and Refractive vision care specialist. Dr. Khanna performs the safest and most technologically advanced methods of refractive laser surgery, including the ultra precise iDesign Wavefront 3D ActiveTrak with Variable Spot Scanning used to correct near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. He is skilled in all laser lasik and the latest generation allegretto 500 HD.

He performs the entire gamut of refractive surgery including, No cut Superlasik, All laser lasik and ICL or Implantable collamer lens. He is considered a pioneer in reversing presbyopia. As a keratoconus specialist he can fix bulging cornea with Intacs and Cornea cross linking. Dr. Khanna specializes in a painless, eye-friendly cataract surgery that utilizes an ultra-small incision, less than 1mm to minimize risk, discomfort and to improve the healing process. That means when you place your trust in his hands he can first of all ensure safety and offer multiple options to enhance your sight.

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Mission & Vision

Thousands of patients have benefited from his surgical skills. His proven experience is something that you can trust. Hollywood Movie Stars, Doctors, Dentists and other professionals regularly seek him for his surgical skills. Maybe the next actor you see in Beverly Hills may have had LASIK by Dr. Khanna. Meet the eye doctor who has never stopped learning. As new technologies are invented or older ones refined, he has absorbed them all. This requires constant advanced training. Learning laser cataract surgery, or Cross-linking for Keratoconus has required a lot of determinations. What drives him? The desire to help you achieve the best possible vision so that you can see the world in all of it’s beauty.

He understands your needs and goals. He considers your age and lifestyle. Than he devises a personalized vision plan for you.

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Khanna Vision Institute is one of the leading Inglewood Optometrist with the state of art latest technology for eye care its Inglewood eye center. Our family vision center is a one stop shop for child and family eye care center. Contact the best eye doctor in Inglewood Now!

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