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Celebs Who’ve Had LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgical treatment is a popular procedure used to correct the vision
of people who are myopic, farsighted, or have astigmatism. From a person
who’s tired of handling glasses and contact lenses every day to a professional
athlete who needs his/her vision to be as sharp as possible, LASIK makes
having twenty-twenty eyesight a reality for many.

Laser correction surgical treatment has actually ended up being popular due to
the advantage’s patients obtain, practically instantly after the treatment.
Several of these benefits consist of:

 Around 96% of patients will certainly have their desired vision after the
 There is very little, if any type of pain associated with the procedure.
 Quick recuperation. The majority of patients go back to their regular
schedule the following day.
 You conserve money and time that would certainly or else be invested in
glasses or contact lenses.
 Offers the flexibility from glasses and contacts so you can appreciate the
coastline, swimming, golf, tennis, scuba diving, or simply having fun with
your children.

Even celebrities and specialist athletes are getting LASIK eye surgery to
enhance their vision. Look into these stars listed below who’ve had the surgical
treatment done on their eyes.

Greg Maddux

Even without his stately glasses, we still believe this pitching legend looks as
similar to “The Professor” as ever before.

Jose Offerman

Dominican professional baller Jose Offerman is recognized for his fast temper.
We wish LASIK allows him see both sides of an argument as well as avoid any

Troy Aikman

NFL Hall of Famer, Troy Aikman really did not require any type of vision
assistance while he was leading the Cowboys to success, however we wagered
he thanks his LASIK whenever he reviews the Fox teleprompter as

Derek Fisher

Will fixed vision assistance help Fisher spot talent as the New York city Knick’s
brand-new head trainer? Only time will tell!

Tiger Woods

Tiger is incredibly driven to be the best golfer that has ever lived. His poor
vision is something he constantly felt, held him back and that LASIK eye
surgical treatment was the appropriate move.

Vijay Singh

Known for the majority of effective tee shots in the game, Vijay required LASIK
simply to track his shot.

LeBron James

We’re not stating his LASIK is accountable for his champion victories and
making him see that he wished to go back to Cleveland, but we’re not stating it
really did not either.

Dwayne Wade

In spite of having LASIK for some time currently, it will not stop Dwayne Wade
from using a pair of sleek eyeglasses in a post-game interview to equip his

Elton John

Do you have any idea how expensive it is to fit 5,000 sets of ostentatious
personalized glasses with prescription lenses? Allow us to simply state that Sir
Elton John is conserving a lot of money, many thanks to LASIK.

Michael Bolton

Here’s a little-known fact: Bolton’s classic “Exactly how Am I Expected to Live
Without You” was about laser vision correction surgical procedure … we

Al Yankovic

We wonder if “Weird Al” thanked his LASIK ophthalmologist with a unique
unscripted performance of “Like a Surgeon.”

Courtney Cox

When F.R.I.E.N.D.S. flourished over airtime, Courtney’s very first big purchase
was LASIK to rid her of using glasses continuously while reviewing manuscripts.

Nicole Kidman

After being nominated for an Academy Award, Nichole Kidman desired LASIK
so she would not require glasses to read her approval speech.

Brad Pitt

Let’s be honest, Fight Club would certainly have been a completely different
movie if Brad Pitt had actually been compelled to use glasses.

Reese Witherspoon

Thank goodness Reese had her LASIK surgical treatment after she starred in
Legally Blonde. Can you even envision Elle Woods without her timeless pink

Drew Carey

The “Price Is Right” host still uses his peculiar black-rimmed glasses to maintain
his trademark appearance. Nonetheless, he asserts his LASIK treatment has
actually permitted him accessibility to tasks he could not do with glasses, like
scuba diving.

John Goodman

It had not been up until after John Goodman’s role in The Big Lebowski that he
understood LASIK was precisely what he desired.

Kim Kardashian

Kim constantly enjoyed the way she looked in glasses, but once she listened to
Kayne’s track, Guilt Trip had to do with him wishing to inform her he despised
them, she promptly arranged her LASIK eye surgical procedure to fix her vision.

Judge Joe Brown

He might have abandoned his characteristic glasses, yet Judge Joe Brown can
find holes in a court defense far better than ever before after laser eye

Brooke Shields

When you have actually got eyes like a model and are also actress Brooke
Shields, there’s simply no sense in hiding yourself behind thic.

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